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Many turnaround companies have qualified people who can do the job.  Finding one that you can deal with during the stress of a turnaround should be an important qualification.

You have a choice on who will represent you!

We have earned far-reaching respect for our special abilities to work with troubled or under-performing companies.  Our staff's diverse abilities uniquely position Hollis Meddings Group to help identify and solve the problems of troubled companies with well-conceived, proven strategies.

Likewise, under-performing companies frequently call on us to help identify causes of their situation and to develop innovative strategies - often times, we assist in implementing the plan - and turn the company around.

Lenders also recognize that early intervention can often catch and prevent a problem before it happens.  We are on every major lending institution's approved vendor list - so your bank will be happy to see us as an additional resource.  Remember, you DO have a choice on who will represent you.

You provide the problems - Hollis Meddings Group provides solutions!