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We are the market leader in field exam quality.   We are the first call for lenders when they absolutely need to know what is going on, in a timely fashion, and at a reasonable price.

Mergers, hiring freezes and budget cuts are all too familar for today's financial organizations.  Working harder isn't the answer - working smarter is.  That's why Hollis Meddings Group calls many of the nation's best known financial institutions - Clients.

Years of combined banking and turnaround experience makes us uniquely qualified to act as your eyes and ears at your borrower's location.  From inventory to control to asset protection, our staff of trained and experienced examiners are expert at uncovering possible problems.  Receivables and inventory are examined in great detail taking into account the asset's various traits which should be considered in an evaluation for appropriate collateral value.

Over 30 financial institutions ranging from community banks to money center lenders to national finance companies have sought our field examination services for almost two decades.  Whether on your forms or our own developed forms, you will come to appreciate our high-quality, professional and timely staff.

Our exams help our clients make better informed lending decisions!